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July: Own your Emotions

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This month we will explore the world of Emotions...

Since we are little, we get the messages that some emotions are bad (painful) and some of them are good (positive). This is a very limited way to see our emotions and the reason we react towards them with fear, guilt and resistance.

When we understand that all emotions are necessary and they are all part of our human experience, our relationship to them changes completely.

This month we will share with you three invaluable tools to embrace your emotions and use them for your highest good and for the best of all around you. We know you will love our special mentors as they blow your mind with their wisdom and caring hearts.

Special Mentors

Durga Stef

Durga Stef Weingerz holds a Master’s degree from Harvard University and is a registered Yoga Teacher since 2008.

Durga fell into Maharaji’s Grace through meeting Ram Dass in 2014, and she continues to share their teachings of acceptance, joy and love in all she does.

Meet Durga

Brad Yates

Emotional Freedom Expert Brad Yates teaches people fast, effective methods to overcome fear and stress.

He's taught CEOs, professional athletes and award-winning actors and has more than 1000 instructional YouTube videos.

Brad is author of the bestselling children's book The Wizard's Wish and appears in the film The Tapping Solution.

Meet Brad

July Schedule

Between July 1-3th , we encourage you to watch the Welcome to the Program videos and take time to set your intentions and mindset. Align yourself to get the most out of The Teen Villa experience.

Week 1
Jul 4-10

  • Login to your online village
  • Download & Print your workbook
  • Watch your monthly videos
  • Schedule your daily practice
  • Schedule time blocks to work on your Monthly Challenge
  • Get a journal or notebook 

Week 2
Jul 11-17

  • Live Session (30 min) :
    Sunday 11th July @ 6am AEST
  • You need a mat, your workbook, pen and journal
  • Prepare any questions for our live session 
  • Connect to our online gathering 5 min before

Week 3
Jul 18-24

Week 4
Jul 25-31

  • Live Session (30-40min):
    Sunday 25th July @ 7pm AEST
  • Creative Expressions share (Monthly Challenge)
  • Ambassador Reflections
  • Villager of the Month 

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be felt with the heart"

Hellen Keller