Monthly Intention (Sep)

Own your Vibe

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Every time you interact with someone, they get a very unique feeling when they are in your presence. That is your Vibe.

When you consciously choose to show up in your world authentically, you radiate a special vibe that makes others feel good around you.

Owning your Vibe is creating your day with intention, guided by your heart, it 
takes daily commitment, it happens choice by choice.

"Owning your vibe is taking full responsibility for how you choose to feel, what experiences you choose to create, how you choose to use your time and energy and how you choose to respond to any situation"

Special Mentor

Kofi Shabba

Edward Kofi Eshun (Shabba) is a professional dancer and drummer from Ghana, West Africa. His styles include traditional, contemporary, acrobatic, RnB & Hip-Hop.

Shabba was a member of the Asanti Dance Theatre in Ghana for 5 years. He was an instructor to students touring Ghana from the Deakin University Global Experience program and the Australian group Wild-Moves.

In 2004, Shabba joined African Footprints International where he performed and facilitated workshops in drumming and dance throughout Ghana, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Italy. He has taught a wide variety of people from different cultures, backgrounds, age groups and abilities. 

Meet Kofi Shabba

September Schedule

If you are new to the villa, we encourage you to watch the Welcome to the Program videos and take time to set your intentions and mindset. Align yourself to get the most out of The Teen Villa experience.

Week 1 

  • Login to our online village
  • Download & Print your monthly workbook
  • Watch your monthly videos
  • Schedule your daily practice & self- reflections
  • Write your Morning Manifesto 

Week 2 

  • Live Session (30 min) :
    Sun 12th Sep @ 7am AEST
  • You need your workbook and Morning Manifesto
  • Prepare any questions for our live session 
  • Connect to our online gathering 5 min before

Week 3 

  • Interview and African Dancing with Kofi Shabba (Recorded)


Week 4 

  • Live Session (30-40min):
    Sun 26th Sep @ 7pm AEST
  • Feel Good Playlist
    (Monthly Challenge)
  • Ambassador Reflections
  • Villager of the Month 

"Your vibe speaks louder than your voice "

Gabrielle Bernstein