Meet your Mentors

Angela Baker

Angela is a Dru Yoga Teacher Trainer, an environmental campaigner, educator, intrepid traveller and seeker.

She has searched for the best tools to help people transform themselves and the world. She loves that Dru Yoga is by far one of the most effective and enjoyable approaches to health she has found, she is a vital part of the Dru Australia team.

Angela is super passionate about contributing positively to this wonderful world!  Her passion has taken her on all sorts of adventures working for change in the environment, education for sustainability programs, leading youth empowerment camps, grass roots work, peace education, yoga and meditation.

She has travelled all over the world knowing that where ever she goes, she will always find friends and there is no need to be afraid.

When she found the World Peace Flame Foundation she knew she had found her calling, their simple motto “Peace starts within” summed up all that she had learnt and wanted to share.