Incredible teachers, leaders and visionaries from around the world are gathered for you at our villa to reflect your greatness and inspire you to what is possible

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Mariana Suarez

Area:          Yoga & Mindfulness
Country:    Mexico/Australia
Theme:      Founder/Host

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Suzanna Thell

Area:           Yoga & Mindfulness
Country:     Australia
Theme:       Mentor/Godmother

Meet Suzanna

Brad Yates

Area:           EFT/Tapping
Country:     USA
Theme:       Own your Emotions

Meet Brad

Durga Stef

Area:           Yoga & Mindfulness
Country:     Mexico
Theme:       Own your Emotions

Meet Durga

Kofi Shabba

Area:           African Drumming & Dancing
Country:     Ghana
Theme:       Own your Vibe

 Meet Shabba 

Angela Baker

Area:           Yoga & Mindfulness
Country:     Australia
Theme:       Inner Climate

 Meet Angela 

New mentors are coming every month to the villa, watch this space growing...

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"

Isaac Newton