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A month at The Teen Villa

Every month you will be introduced to a theme that will help you grow and feel confident to live and enjoy life authentically. We will share simple tools & practices like yoga, breathing, mindfulness, visualisation and many more.

Our monthly challenge will definitely take you out of your comfort zone. You will have opportunities to be seen, heard and supported, while you learn to truly listen and deeply know the other villagers in a way that uplifts us all.

Amazing guests will inspire you with their stories and remind you that, whatever your dreams, they are all possible.

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Monthly Schedule

Week 1
Monthly Theme (Recorded)

  • Monthly Intention
  • Monthly practice videos
  • Revealing our Guest
  • Download Workbook
    Challenge of the Month

Week 2
Village Gathering
(Live Online)

  • Facilitated by Mariana
  • Reflections
  • Live practice
  • Open Questions
    Village meditation

Week 3
Special Guest

  • Q&A with Special Guest
  •  Be inspired by Guest

Week 4
Villagers Open Fire
(Live Online)

  • Monthly Reflection
  • Ambassadors share
  • Rooms Conversations
  • Villager of the Month



Receive unlimited access to our monthly workshops, gatherings, library and community.
Access anytime, anywhere

Monthly Pass

$13 AUD 

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Join our Villa

As a villager (member) you will receive unlimited access to our monthly workshops, gatherings, library and community. You can access our entire library so it doesn't matter when you join the villa, you will have access to previous themes for you to access anytime, from anywhere.
As we grow, you will also receive exclusive invitations to special programs and to meet our guests.

To celebrate our opening, we are offering a specially discounted price of $13 Australian dollars. By joining now you lock this special price for as long as you are a villager (or you can save heaps more by upgrading to our annual pass).

We have set the price so that everyone can have access to our program. Think about it, for the same cost of a coffee & cake, a couple of milkshakes or a smoothie, you will have access to a community that uplifts you, amazing mentors that will inspire you and an ongoing online program that will give you tools for life so you feel less stress, manage your emotions, strategies to bounce back from any challenge and experience the power of connectedness.

Register for the opening period and enjoy the whole program for FREE from 1-31st July 2021. We will notify you before this trial period is coming to an end and you decide if you want to continue to be part of the villa. By joining during this period you lock the special discounted rate of $13/month for as long as you are a villager (or you can save heaps more by upgrading to our annual pass).

You can easily cancel your Membership at any time — no contracts or extra payments required.

You can access the whole program from any device, simply login from our menu and you will see the e-learning platform with the content organised by theme and week. Any questions or problems please contact us and we will bring a solution straight away.

Our Agreements

Every community, big and small, has a set of rules that direct the way its members interact with each other. At the villa, we call them agreements because it brings a sense of responsibility to all.

The Teen Villa agreements are...


Always come with an open mind to learn from each other. 


Be curious about what you learn here, question everything and always choose what feels right for you.


Feel the other person as if you were in their shoes.


Every voice is heard
and valued.


Take radical responsibility for your words, actions and contribution.


Show up as yourself, it is the best gift you can give to the villa.

"If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together"  

African Proverb