Memories of a sensitive teen girl
4 July, 2021 by
Memories of a sensitive teen girl
Mariana Suarez

I remember being a very sensitive teenage girl, feeling all these emotions. So big, so intense.

I even won the title of the most emotional from the whole 1994 class.

I remember feeling as if my emotions were part of me, like an arm or an organ in my body. I remember how much I hoped for those that felt good to stay forever and how I wanted to run away from those that didn't. It never worked.

Because now I know that the very nature of our emotions is ever flowing. That they come unexpectedly as powerful messages from our soul to show us the way, like a wise compass.

I always saw my sensitivity as a flaw. If I knew then what I know now, I would've allowed myself to feel more, to feel them all, because I believe is the most beautiful gift of being human, to feel intensely, to love intensely.

I guess I would've not spent so much time chasing this one feeling. We are here to be happy they say...

I get now why for so long and why so many people feel like if something is missing... because we want to live whole and complete lives running away of half of who we are.

Memories of a sensitive teen girl
Mariana Suarez 4 July, 2021
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