Welcome to The Teen Villa

The Teen Villa is an online village for pre-teens & teens around the world.
A special place to get great tools for life and surround yourself with inspiring mentors and other villagers that support you to ma ke your second decade the most enjoyable, empowering experience and a strong foundation for the future you want to create. 

"Only surround yourself with those that lift you higher"

Oprah Winfrey

Own your Vibe: Our first online program is going LIVE on 1/11/20.

This 3 day challenge will be one of the most empowering experiences you can give yourself. Explore how owning your morning, your mind and your energy will help you design the life you want, one day at a time.. 

Register and get it for FREE until December 31st, 2020

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Odoo • Image and Text

10 Day Yoga Challenge - Start 11/11/20

Practising yoga is more than turning your body into a pretzel, it gives you more than flexibility or physical strength. Yoga brings your body, mind, emotions and thoughts into harmony, creating a strong sense of self, well-being and good health. 

This 10 day challenge is a little taster for you to experience what a consistent yoga practice can do for your body, mind and heart...

  • Stretch & strengthen your body to be your best in the sports you love

  • Develop coordination, balance & good posture to hold your body with poise

  • Develop focus, concentration & control to perform better at school

  • Develop self awareness and listen what your body is saying to you

  • Learn to breath, relax and manage stress more effectively

  • Fall in love with your uniqueness and see the best in yourself and others

The 3 elements of The Villa

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Deep and meaningful connections start with the connection you have with yourself.

Make connecting with yourself a priority and, at the same time, create authentic, uplifting friendships with other teens around the world.

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 As humans, we came to this world to grow and the only way to do it is through challenge and with the support of guides or mentors.

At the Villa, you will be presented with different challenges that you can choose to be part of (or not) and also wonderful guests that will inspire you to what is possible, from different areas of life.

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You are co-creator of the world you want to live in and taking little steps every day make a huge impact.

Here you will get ideas on ways you can be of service to your community, to your family, to others around the world and to other villagers.

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