2020 for Teenagers

There are millions of ways to describe 2020.

As teenagers it has been particularly challenging; it had changed your usual schooling, the way you learn, it might taken that first year of high school or your very last one. It has stopped you from doing the things you love, missing out important experiences such as school graduations, birthday celebrations, family gatherings, sporting competitions or dancing concerts to mention some. It has made a screen the main way to connect with the external world, leaving so many feeling disconnected.

The truth is that COVID-19 has impacted our lives, in positive and negative ways. Regardless of how old we are, where we live, our cultural background or gender. How has it been for you?

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More than ever before, it is critical to have the right tools & strategies to create a life you love, otherwise life will always happen to you.

One of the quickest ways is surrounding yourself with people that bring the best out of you, no matter how dull or challenging things might look out there.

An online space just for teens

We understand you, growing up can be tough...

Your body is changing, your emotions are intense, your mood is different moment by moment, you want to be more independent, and at the same time it feels too much to own that responsibility. 

The Teen Villa is a space for you to learn more about yourself, to get tools to de-stress and get the best from life, even in the most challenging times. To find amazing friends that are going through the same thing and to get to know mentors that will inspire you to do the impossible.

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The Teen Villa is an inclusive space for pre-teens and teens aged


 Why a Villa?

A villa is a community where everyone knows each other, where we feel safe, loved and respected for who we are.

As villagers, we know that we belong and that what we do matters. 

In a villa, we learn from one another and the best knowledge comes from the personal stories every one of us has to share. It is a place we all bring our unique talents and use them for the greater good of the villa and the land we live in.

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The Teen Villa Experience

Every month you will be introduced to a theme that will help you grow and feel confident with who you are. We will give you simple tools and practices like yoga, tapping, breathing, visualisations, mindfulness and meditation.

There will be a monthly challenge that will definitely take you out of your comfort zone and you will have opportunities to be seen, heard and supported, while you learn to truly listen and deeply know the other villagers in a way that uplifts us all.

Amazing guests will inspire you with their stories and remind you that whatever your dreams, they are all possible.

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Our Three Pillars


Deep and meaningful relationships start with the connection you have with yourself.

Make connecting with yourself a priority and, at the same time, create authentic, uplifting friendships with other teens around the world.


As humans, we came to this world to grow and evolve. The only way to do this is by embracing challenge and with a supportive peer group and mentors.

At the Villa, you will be presented with a monthly challenge and inspiring guests from different areas of life.

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You are co-creator of the world you want to live in and taking little steps every day make a huge impact.

Here you will get ideas on ways you can be of service to your community, to your family, to others around the world and to other villagers from an authentic place.

Meet our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are teens like you, they are willing to grow and become the best version of themselves, even when it is uncomfortable. They are like lighthouses, they guide others to their full potential.

These amazing kids will become your best friends and one of the most amazing reasons to love this villa.








A message from our Founder

Hey there! This is Mariana and I want to welcome you to our Villa!

My first experience working with teens was when my dear friend Kath invited me to the Melbourne Youth Justice Centre to share some yoga and meditation with the inmates. It was a life changing experience for me, as I saw the incredible potential these girls had and how very simple tools and choices could change their stories.

Why teens? Because I deeply believe in you, in your infinite potential, I know you have the power to heal our world and it excites me that our future is in hands like yours. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and know that I am always here for you.

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"Only surround yourself with those that lift you higher"

Oprah Winfrey

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